Eternal Simulation Project ︎︎︎

Type: Regional
Location: N/A
Size: ∞ SF
Year: 2019

A model of a table, that is a model of a room, that is a model of a building, that is a model of a region, that is a model of a table that is a model of a room...

The Eternal Simulation Project is a report from the U.S. Department of the Interior regarding a theorized model. Proposed as a recursive public engagement tool by the Bureau of Reclamation, the model simulates multiple scales of space and time that the Bureau functions across for allocating water rights to subjects within the Colorado River Basin.

︎︎︎Site Plan

︎︎︎Building Plan

︎︎︎View on axis: the subject is provided a flattened view of the simulation with all objects and landforms reduced to a single, seemingly controllable and understandable scale.

︎︎︎View off axis: the previously flattened image warps apart as scale is revealed and the wandering subject becomes objectified in the landscape under the gaze of other negotiating subjects.

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