OpenDNS (Cisco Umbrella)︎︎︎

Type: Interior
Location: San Francisco, CA
Size: 28,000 SF
Year: 2016

A commercial tenant improvement and conversion of an existing historic warehouse into a tech office with a mix of open offices, conference rooms, flexible meeting spaces, and generous social spaces.

Building upon the industrial aesthetic of the existing concrete warehouse and the precedent set by the client’s established identity, a number of custom features were designed to highlight significant elements of Open DNS’s office culture: a CNC-routed mural, a diagrid acoustic baffle array, a plywood-clad all-hands area, and multiple mobile meeting units.

︎︎︎First Floor Plan

︎︎︎Second Floor Plan

︎︎︎Detail of All-Hands Guardrail

︎︎︎Detail of Custom Desk at Entry

Private phone booths are situated throughout the project to allow users to engage in private conversations.

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