Type: Mixed-use
Location: San Francisco
Size: 5,000 SF
Year: 2023

With: Vivian Schwab

A legal, financial, and architectural framework that supports the large scale construction, financing, and distribution of low-cost, carbon forward, community-owned housing.

Mass timber volumes clad in metal siding offer scalable solutions that meet current needs while shifting paradigms of ownership, access, and equity.

The podium level is comprised of narrow units that are stacked and mirrored across the site to create porosity at the block scale via a passageway activated by operable panels, punched windows, light wells, and exterior stairs.

Propped up by public and philanthropic capital; a Community Land Trust (CLT), a network of Co-Operatives (Co-op), and a Community Investment Trust (CIT) become mechanisms for wealth redistribution and the development of a sustainable, dense, and diverse community.

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