The New Generic︎︎︎

Type: Workplace & Residential
Location: Miami
Size: 145,000 SF
Year: 2019

This project for the Miami Design District provides adaptable spaces for coliving and coworking in a mid-rise tower.

Courts, passageways, arcades and stairways give the Miami Design District its character, but they are deployed here as an inherent critique of the Design District’s low-rise urbanism which lacks the programmatic diversity of a rich urban fabric.

The project stacks this language into a vertical mat urbanism that approximates the public and semi-public spatial sequences of the Design District. Large apertures appear around the perimeter of the towers as abstractions of the pervasive balcony typology of Miami Beach high-rises.

︎︎︎Typical Coliving Plan

︎︎︎Typical Coworking Plan

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